Confusing Contribution

Hi {first_name}

There’s a huge difference between contribution and appeasing other people’s needs before you’re own.

The discussion came up at our Family Dinner Night (FDN). 

FDN is a scheduled, weekly family date night where we discuss a topic of interest (strategically pre-planned by moi), rate our personal life fulfilment areas, set personal behaviours, goals, challenges and contribution acts for the week ahead.

The question that arose was around some of the items suggested for ‘contribution’ acts. And it got me thinking……. at which point does contribution cease fulfilling its intention, and begin to be simply ‘appeasing’ others?


– When there is no joy in the process, or after the process

– When you’re doing it 100% for other people and it creates a compromise that goes against your values

– When you’re doing it to ‘avoid’ something 

– When it instigates resentment, negativity or dangerous stress

The risk?

You feed self-criticism. 

Critically check where you’re contributing in life.

Is it truly contribution, or are you simply appeasing other people’s needs before your own?

Take care and be well,
Erin xx