Choose this just-one thing to show up differently

Scientific research shows that the difficulty we feel in life is less related to the actual load of the challenge, than it is to the attention that we give it.

Our ‘motor maps’ (action plans of the brain) are wired as a result of this attention and the information we give to our brain every millisecond (mostly unconscious).

The fantastic news is that it is possible to consciously rewire our brains so we can overcome the debilitating effect of fear/self-doubt, and live with greater joy and success.

This is why I am so excited about my newly released ‘BEING’ Mist. A hands-on tool to pattern interrupt auto-pilot, and blend neuroscience and plant science to positively influence the way you show up at home, at work and in your community.

When you order your ‘BEING’ Mist, you will receive instructions on how to change your way of being at a brain and body level, and thus alter experience and possibility. 

With so many to-do’s on our list, the power of ‘just-one’ change can be remarkable. Particularly when we choose the one that has the greatest impact on the way that we experience life, regardless of the external landscape.

A useful, beautiful and affordable gift for self, a friend, a child, or a work colleague.
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Take care and be well,

Erin xx