Breaking The Body Shackles

Many people love this time of the year because society tells them it’s totally ok to put off their health and goals until next year. 

I know you don’t buy into that societal norm, but here’s a little reminder for those you may know of, that do.

January always arrives.

And how we do December has a big impact on how we feel in January.

It dictates whether we emotionally buy into the New Years Resolution jargon. 

You see, if you play out December intentionally (yep, even on holidays!), with personal integrity around your rituals and behaviours, with respect for your body, you won’t have an emotional and reactive need to make unsustainable resolutions.

That’s it. Simple, yet a challenge

By the way, if you DO find yourself stuck in thebody / health-resolution-roller-coaster, go easy on you, remember society has you wired that way. Plus, I’m bringing something to you soon, to free you from the shackles of that cultural new year illusion. 

And to those of you out there, scheduling December appointments just to get the plan right for you……..I have a deep, deep respect. There are so many other things you could be doing, and I honour those slight edge choices.

Take care and be well,