How do you cope with ‘body irritability’?

I explain ‘body irritability’ as;

The outcome of excessive pleasure inducing behaviours over an extended period, which elicits an overall biochemical, metabolic and emotional anxiety

The result;

Every moment of the day is an unwelcome reminder that you’re unhappy with how your body looks and feels.

In the body irritability state, you will look at any food, and experience a level of discomfort. Labelling it as either good or bad, and because it feels such a difficult and boring journey to bring the body back to homeostasis, it’s likely you choose the bad. Yet even choosing the good doesn’t calm the discomfort, and eventually you give in.

Simply sitting and noticing the larger than normal overhang or bulge, takes us directly to the anxious feeling and self-critical thinking.

All of this leads us to an outward display of irritability. 

Not a way of ‘being’ that makes us feel proud. And this feeling sends us straight back into discomfort and the negative cycle.

In this state of body irritability, very often the first goal people set is in getting back to the gym and exercising.

‘Going hard’

But your poor body is in a state of inflammation, and that’s not usually the best time to inflict more stress upon it.

Your energy levels are depleted, your thinking negative, and your good intentions not likely to last very long.

I would suggest another approach.

Start with pin pointing the driving fears, beliefs, emotions and thinking. It’s where the entire cycle begins.

Then raise your optimism and energy through a 5 day Cleanse. Eliminate the food and thinking that placed you in the body irritability, and move your body ‘gently’ each day.

Then, once the inflammation has lowered, your addictions reduced, and your energy and positive mindset have expanded, then get back to more intense exercise.

And if you’ve been on that cycle too long, a 90-min Deep Dive using the 4C’s Methodology is a non-negotiable for stepping out of the cycle. 

Good luck,

Erin xx