Behavioural Epigenetics – A clue to staying stuck

 I worked with a lady in her late 70’s. 
“I thought life would have felt different by now” she said. 

The same two areas of life still haunted her. 
Her relationship to Self (body image and self-esteem) and her Relationship (intimate).
Yes, at 78yrs of age. 

Imagine living your entire lifetime feeling stuck and haunted in the same areas of life. 

What’s your plan? (and please tell me you have a plan)
If it’s your body image, food and exercise aren’t necessarily the first place to start.
If it’s your lack of finances, paying off the mortgage and re-evaluating your insurances may not be step number 1.
If it’s your intimate relationship, jumping straight into the sack is a Bandaid approach. 

Hot tip. 
The areas of life that haunt us, do not alter unless we alter what we think, feel, believe and do.
Paying attention to family lineage prior to setting a change goal can assist in success. 

We are the product of generational beliefs and experiences.
Behavioural Epigenetics teaches us that we literally inherit psychological and behavioural tendencies from our forebears, even when the experiences have been forgotten. 

What don’t you know that keeps you stuck?
1. Dive into those generational family beliefs, traits, behaviours, stories.
2. Check into how those beliefs, traits, behaviours and stories play out in your life (your thinking, feeling and behaving), particularly the areas that you’re not happy with. 

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Take care and be well,
Erin xx