Are You On The Adrenaline Diet?

What’s the Adrenaline Diet you ask?

It goes like this…..

Wake with a tightness in your chest.

Shallow, thoracic breathing, and a list of roles to play and things to do that scroll so quickly, that you can’t really focus on any of them.

You rise without intention or clarity, but reactively to other’s demands.

The day commences with caffeine, before any organ and cell nourishing foods hit your body.

And you carry the adrenaline and slight negativities through each transition of your day unconsciously. Through commute, into workplace, into commute, into home, into bed…..take it along for the ride.

The day disappears without much stillness, ‘busy is significant’, yes?

The afternoon calls for more caffeine, some sugar perhaps, and ends with alcohol and, you got it, a little more sugar.

The Adrenaline Diet encourages you toward the television or discomfort distracting technology of some kind. You see 85% of Australians watch TV for stress reduction, but instead it drives a little more adrenaline through the body, and inhibits sleep perfecting melatonin.

Then you fall into bed either exhausted or wired.

And tomorrow? Despite our commitment to change, we get back on the Adrenaline Diet.

The Adrenaline Diet gets us to this time of the year and makes us ask

‘Where did that time go?’

Nothing has really altered from this time last year to now.

Have I just existed reactive, distracted and depleted?

The Adrenaline Diet clearly isn’t our friend, but the biggest risk is that it steals the opportunities for essential self care and value aligned behaviours. It steals time and opportunity. It steals EVEXIA.

My advice?

1. Be honest that you’re on it

2. Be willing to create a shift

3. Highlight your stress drivers

4. Don’t put change off until next year. Why do we do this? Waiting from here wastes almost 2 months of your 12 months of positive change opportunity. 

5. Perhaps book a 1:1 deep dive into what keeps you on the Adrenaline Diet, to have a framework to follow, and accountability.

Take care and be well,