Anxiety. Depression. Menopause. PMS. Hormone Imbalance. Overweight.

Dangerous labels.

The moment we label them, they hold power. 

They imply we have no choice, nor responsibility, nor possibility to change.

And that’s limiting for human potential and life success.

Menopause isn’t something you’re mysteriously hit with.

It’s simply a name for a stage of life that now unfortunately has a negative connotation, due to the symptoms that the body is communicating (the shove to change course of action).

The symptoms are a result of perceived or real stress on the adrenal system and the impact of our behaviours toward our liver and detoxification systems through our teens, 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

Anxiety is a natural human emotion. 

We’re all exposed to it at some time. 

However, ignoring unique human needs, living reactively rather than intentionally, letting fear lead and control, and not supporting the beneficial bacteria and organ systems in the body, will make that natural human emotion feel out of our control.

Same applies for Depression. Overweight. PMS.

Labelling can prevent us from learning more. From taking action. From taking responsibility from what has gone before. 

Gentle self enquiry, new learning and responsibility allows us to correct course.

Labelling keeps us stuck.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx

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