Anchoring Self Compassion

We often underestimate the power of Self-Compassion in shifting unwanted behaviours and thought patterns.

Research indicates that Self-Compassion is one of the greatest sources of strength and resilience that we have available to us, and helps to increase intrinsic motivation to change.

For most of us, Self-Compassion is a foreign practice, yet essential and available in any moment. It doesn’t matter whether we are experiencing ‘big’ suffering or minor negative emotion, self-compassion is critical. The way that we respond to smaller negative emotions, literally trains our brains to form a response of either self-compassion or self-criticism that we then adopt unconsciously in all situations in life.

Which is your automatic, Self-Compassion or Self-Criticism?

A beautiful physical action to catch unconscious actions and to begin anchoring in new patterns of behaviour and thought, is through self-compassionate aromatic anchoring or as I call it, my ’Self-Compassion Spritz’ (SFS)!

The Self-Compassion Spritz works in 3 powerful ways:

1. The subtle quality of an essential oil can enter into our consciousness and interrupt automatic pilot. This in turn expands awareness, so that we can begin to shift the unconscious thought patterns and behaviours.

2. Memories and emotions are so closely linked to smell, that the use of aroma in anchoring a new positive behaviour is powerful. The more often we do the Self-Compassion Spritz (SFS) starting with smaller behavioural changes, the more likely our brain is to choose self-compassion over self-criticism in the future.

3. As we use the SFS, the smell hits the limbic brain and elicits a response of chemicals within the body within 4 seconds, without being impacted by our thoughts. It can therefore interrupt the over-identification of the story our brain is often running away with!

You can read about my favourite blends for the busy women right here or you are welcome to schedule an introductory appointment for recommendations for your personal situation.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx