Gung-ho; changing behaviours

Gung-ho is how we as humans, commence behaviour change.

Then we fall short.

Although growth and learning are high on my personal ‘Values’ list, this comes with risk. For education alone is never enough to get us to the destination.

There’s messiness in the mind, and a natural lack of accountability within ourselves. 

We’re wired to put others first.

I have spent years analysing body, brain and behavioural science, and the solution to ensure successful and sustainable behaviour change. 

The 4Cs Method was created to bring a strategy to behaviour change (at any age), because although I’m a ‘solve-it-myself’ kind of person, sometimes we can’t break through the things that are in the way of what we desperately want. 

And when we can’t there’s more going on underneath the surface of the mind.

The greatest barrier in it all however, is putting our hand up to acknowledge that we’ve tried, and it’s time for a different approach. 

Perhaps a challenging one, but within this type, we are granted success.