5am Club?

5am Club?

I am an advocate for reclaiming your first hour of the day, however not necessarily the exact time you need to that.

I am always cautious of movements that suggest you need to do an exact thing, such as wake at 5am, or you’ll not be a success.  

We are unique creatures, and so it pays to remind ourselves to digest everything intentionally, and then integrate behaviours into our lives in a way that aligns with our personal values, commitments and intrinsic motivations.

The research shows, that waking with the rising sun is helpful for Melatonin suppression (stops you being sleepy), and sunlight will help store essential Serotonin (to help you sleep well that night).

Research also shows we’re naturally early risers or late risers, and the biochemical impact of rising early is either preferable or not. You feel great or you do not.

The message here?

Forget the time, for if you know your body well, you can be honest about the time that you best rise with energy. Then edge it as close to the sun rising as possible, changing with the seasons.

The primary focus is best placed on whatyour first hour looks and feels like. 

Are you looking to shift your mood and energy?

Are you looking for more productivity?

The answers to questions like these will guide you in what that first hour should include.

Stillness. Intention Setting. Creative Visualisation. Gratitude. Pre-emptive Gratitude. Meditation (vedic, loving kindness, mindfulness, noise cancelling…..). Journaling. Movement……the list is endless.

Setting your first hour of the day takes consistency and fluidity.

And it is worth the trial and error.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx