The 5 Parenting Essentials (we can’t ignore any longer)

PURPOSEis not found in what you do, it's-17

When we become a parent, we become a leader for the minds and bodies of our little people. In today’s technology and convenience dominated society, along with our fast paced and comparative living, we are becoming a growing network of tired, cranky, impatient, unhealthy, unhappy, stressed and distracted parents. Yes us, the biggest role models in our children’s lives.

 Minds are crowded and unkind, time disappears, sleep is limited, exercise sporadic and self-care non-existent.  

We fill our schedules (and children’s) with extra curricular activities to keep up with everyone else. We spend too much money on superficial ‘things’ to make us feel good. We expose our family to increasing chemical toxicity in our food, our homes and personal care products. We say ‘yes’ to others to keep them happy and in the process let down those closest. Then, we compete and compare just to add to our wounds.  

What if as parents, we simply stopped ‘giving’ and ‘doing’ the unimportant, and chose to become intentional and extraordinary leaders for our children?

How do we create a shift?

  1. Work on ourselves first

We begin to unearth our personal truths, fears and beliefs. We develop ongoing awareness of our thoughts in each moment that create a feeling, then an action, consequently our life’s reality. We choose to continually educate ourselves on all areas of life as they evolve through changing life stages; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We let go of the record of our past and index of excuses. We contemplate the possibilities rather than the difficulties, and align our thoughts with what we want to feel. We use the present moment to our advantage and choose our actions attentively.

  1. We adopt healthy lifestyle practices

We say goodbye to harmful and short-lived diets and learn the hidden truth about the modern day convenience foods we are consuming. We become aware of our food addictions and habits that are recreating the same old patterns that do not serve us. We focus on health rather than weight. We adopt daily movement habits and learn to listen to what our body requires in each given moment. We learn to reduce the consumption, inhalation and absorption of chemicals affecting our emotional and physical health. We learn how to restore and maintain our critical gut health. We invest time and step back into the kitchen to provide nourishment. We invest money to choose the best version of food possible.

  1. We welcome self-care

We take a moment when there is ‘no time’ to take a moment. We check in to how we feel and intentionally choose a different thought to illicit an improved feeling. We take 5 minutes for a bath in stillness and solitude. We take three minutes, three times a day to breathe deep nourishing breaths. We moisturise our bodies with chemical free goodness and pay tribute to the incredible vessel that allows us to live and experience this bewildering thing called ‘life’.

  1. We reconnect

We put down the digital and look another in the eye. We communicate with attention and kindess. We experience the joy that simple human interaction creates. We learn what creates authentic happiness outside of spending, food, alcohol and drugs. We learn to embrace stillness without guilt.

  1. We schedule intentions weekly

We learn the art of gracefully saying ‘no’. We prioritise and schedule the non-negotiables: health, connection, meaning, fun and self-care.

Leading intentionally requires us to choose one new learning at a time, followed by one new action at a time, repetitively.   By controlling our thoughts and creating healthier life practices, our children will be grateful that we taught them what they need to know in order to live happy and healthy. Appreciative that we unconsciously instilled in them, the basic skills of eating nutritious foods and being active, the importance of positive relationships, the significance of achievement over winning, responsibility rather than blame, and a higher purpose than greed and opposition.

If you need to learn the progression of both education and experience in order to create the changes you know in your heart need to happen, then don’t wait too long. The Healthy Parent Healthy Child Program is available right now.

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