We Dangerously Ignore What We Don’t Believe To Be True Or Important

We dangerously ignore what we don’t believe to be true or important. We unconsciously seek to see what we already know to support our beliefs, our emotions and our actions. It keeps us safe. Comfortable. But it also keeps us repeating the same old. No avenue to expand and experience […]

Are You On The Adrenaline Diet?

What’s the Adrenaline Diet you ask? It goes like this….. Wake with a tightness in your chest. Shallow, thoracic breathing, and a list of roles to play and things to do that scroll so quickly, that you can’t really focus on any of them. You rise without intention or clarity, but reactively […]

My Behaviour Matters

Ever stepped into the statement ‘it shouldn’t be this way‘? We all have. But, it doesn’t serve us. Not if we’re seeking wellbeing. Wellbeing has a greater chance of being present when we embrace the fourth foundational truth. My Behaviour Matters, And After That, I Have No Control. In each […]

No one is immune to challenge

It’s very easy to look sideways at the thing that someone has, that you don’t. Or to become jaded at the thing that you are facing, that they’re not. But here’s the 3rd Foundational Truth of Evexia. No-one is immune to challenge. No-one. What we think, feel, believe and do, dictates […]

We fall short due to lack of clarity and focus

EVEXIA Foundational Truth #2 WE FALL SHORT OF ANY GOAL WE SEEK, DUE TO LACK OF CLARITY + FOCUS, NOT BECAUSE WE’RE HOPELESS We spend 95% of our daily living on autopilot. Repeating the same patterns and processes we have adopted from our past experiences and beliefs. If we are NOT […]

It’s less about the goal, than how we show up each day

Evexia: (n) wellbeing Very often we scramble for the next thing to achieve Evexia. It’s easy to understand why. Evexia feels like pleasure, so we want more. But it’s more intrinsic. Longer lasting than pleasure. There are 5 Foundational Truths for Achieving Evexia. We must accept them before chasing the next grand […]

Water Filters – Why?

When we began our kitchen renovations nearly 2 years ago, I commenced a more detailed enquiry into drinking water solutions. I thought it was time to find the best options for water filters considering water is essential for every biological function of the body including circulation, assimilation, digestion, elimination, temperature […]

Simple Home Detox Tips

  She’s our ‘Detox Guru’ in The Wellness Hub. Nutritionist and Founder of The Cleanse Shop, Rebecca Rowe, shares with us today, Simple Home Detox Tips Using Australian Bentonite Clay.   Bentonite clay has been used for thousands of years as an effective way to aid in body detoxification. Derived from […]

Be careful if you ‘eat pretty well’

                        NOTE: This is not to be unkind to people or companies trying to do good. It is simply a message of education. A message to remind us that it is our job as individuals to know exactly what […]

Are you eating less to lose weight?

  So many women are still eating less in an attempt to lose weight, living their days with a negative relationship to food and their body. I filmed this video especially for those women. Eighteen years ago, I learnt how the body functioned through traditional university education. During the time […]

Dried Fruit Free Muesli Bars

This delicious dried-fruit free muesli bar arrives courtesy of my friend Liz Sefton, at The Nourishing Home INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 cups of nuts of choice 1/2 cup coconut flakes 1/2 cup sunflower seeds 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds 1/4 cup sesame seeds 1/4 cup chia seeds 1 tsp vanilla powder or […]

Anchoring Self Compassion

We often underestimate the power of Self-Compassion in shifting unwanted behaviours and thought patterns. Research indicates that Self-Compassion is one of the greatest sources of strength and resilience that we have available to us, and helps to increase intrinsic motivation to change. For most of us, Self-Compassion is a foreign […]