The greatest risk to well and full life

When contemplating the greatest risk to human kind in living well and full, this is what I see. Distraction. Reaction. Depletion. Science and research shows that this common lifestyle truth precipitates: Habitual behaviour In-authentic and misaligned-value behaviours  Heightened pessimism and negativity, and the consequent limiting of the reticular activating system’s ability to see new possibility and […]

How do we choose?

Step 1. We need awareness that a choice is being made.  Most skip this part. If we get to step 2 however, contemplating the choice, what do we base that choice upon? Most commonly we make the choice in an emotional state of being (logically offline), based on past experiences and beliefs, with a large dusting […]

The Modern Woman Synopsis

T PHYSICAL: any combination of; Slightly fatigued, some minor inflammation (head, skin, gut, muscles or joints), menstruation and PMS complaints, stool abnormalities, cravings, weight challenges, mood struggles (irritability, anxiety, depression, swings, edgy, restlessness), lack of brain clarity, low libido. . EMOTIONAL/ MENTAL: any combination of; Feeling just ‘ok’ Desiring more […]

The declaration is always uncomplicated.

The behaviours to support the declaration are not. Present parenting Personal growth Fit and healthy Connected relationships Contribution Vulnerability Emotional Intelligence Positive Leadership It doesn’t really matter what the declaration is.  It fades in its conviction very quickly, as our life returns to normality and the bright guiding light begins […]

Anxiety. Depression. Menopause. PMS. Hormone Imbalance. Overweight.

Dangerous labels. The moment we label them, they hold power.  They imply we have no choice, nor responsibility, nor possibility to change. And that’s limiting for human potential and life success. Menopause isn’t something you’re mysteriously hit with. It’s simply a name for a stage of life that now unfortunately has […]

Indulgence takes preparation, not starvation.

You have a pleasure-indulgent event coming up tonight. How do you prepare? I’m always surprised by the preparatory action of the indulger-to-be. Most mess it up. When you ditch emotions linked with body shape and appearance, and bring back good old common sense, it’s quite astounding how you can balance […]


Two biological processes occur as we view our life in each moment. An unconscious one, where our paradigm (memories, thoughts, feelings, past actions) impacts what we see and how we see it. Then there is the conscious one.  Where we get to choose what we see and the meaning we place on what we […]

The thing about our body and food.

You have 11 organ systems, over 50 trillion cells, and trillions of micro-organisms communicating in a synergistic fashion to keep you energised, calm, focussed and aware. Miraculous when you truly grasp its genius. But it takes fuel. Vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, bacteria, hydration……. We’re happy to fill up our car with […]

Say ‘no’ to New Years Resolutions

1st of January.   You set the resolution. The goal.   But it’s kind of crazy if you’re truly honest enough to reflect that last year you had a similar goal, and you’re sort of still where you were then.  Here is an example of the common and outdated approach to resolution-setting.SET GOAL: lose weight, get […]

Self Sabotage- Finding the hidden pay off

We never do anything without getting something out of it. The pay-off. Think about it. There’s a pay-off for over indulging- comfort, pleasure, distraction…… A pay-off for having self-discipline – satisfaction, pride, health….. A pay-off for being busy – status, significance, achievement, distraction…. A pay-off for stillness – clarity, perspective, restoration….. When we […]


This statement from a GP was partly right. Right from his paradigm. The paradigm that says that problems can be fixed by something injected or consumed But we all know that the body is more complex and superb than one single action and one single affect. The mind blowing, synergistic work of […]

The Relentless Stress Driver

THE RELENTLESS STRESS DRIVER The GAP. The GAP between the outer world (who you show up as)and the inner world(who you really believe yourself to be). We’re constantly reminded (aware or not),when the GAP is big.  Self-doubt. Low self-confidence. Self-sabotage. Anger. Procrastination.  I want to share a simple example of how THE GAP is so easily created, and […]