Two biological processes occur as we view our life in each moment. An unconscious one, where our paradigm (memories, thoughts, feelings, past actions) impacts what we see and how we see it. Then there is the conscious one.  Where we get to choose what we see and the meaning we place on what we […]

The thing about our body and food.

You have 11 organ systems, over 50 trillion cells, and trillions of micro-organisms communicating in a synergistic fashion to keep you energised, calm, focussed and aware. Miraculous when you truly grasp its genius. But it takes fuel. Vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, bacteria, hydration……. We’re happy to fill up our car with […]

Say ‘no’ to New Years Resolutions

1st of January.   You set the resolution. The goal.   But it’s kind of crazy if you’re truly honest enough to reflect that last year you had a similar goal, and you’re sort of still where you were then.  Here is an example of the common and outdated approach to resolution-setting.SET GOAL: lose weight, get […]

Self Sabotage- Finding the hidden pay off

We never do anything without getting something out of it. The pay-off. Think about it. There’s a pay-off for over indulging- comfort, pleasure, distraction…… A pay-off for having self-discipline – satisfaction, pride, health….. A pay-off for being busy – status, significance, achievement, distraction…. A pay-off for stillness – clarity, perspective, restoration….. When we […]


This statement from a GP was partly right. Right from his paradigm. The paradigm that says that problems can be fixed by something injected or consumed But we all know that the body is more complex and superb than one single action and one single affect. The mind blowing, synergistic work of […]

The Relentless Stress Driver

THE RELENTLESS STRESS DRIVER The GAP. The GAP between the outer world (who you show up as)and the inner world(who you really believe yourself to be). We’re constantly reminded (aware or not),when the GAP is big.  Self-doubt. Low self-confidence. Self-sabotage. Anger. Procrastination.  I want to share a simple example of how THE GAP is so easily created, and […]

Don’t busy self with the minor tasks

Don’t busy self with the minor tasks.  It’s safer. But this behaviour hides us and prevents us from tackling the bigger ‘something’ that could make us stretch. . So, when the whispers within say you’re capable of more, stop busy. Pay attention. And remember; When you get what you want in […]

OK. It’s a dangerous word

  “OK” It’s a dangerous word.   ​Human potential is so much greater than just ‘OK’. ‘I’m OK’ ‘I eat OK’ ‘Work is ok’ ‘My marriage is ok’ ‘My body is ok’……   Most of us secretly desire exceptional lives. But ‘OK’ is the norm, not the exception.   ‘OK’ places us […]

Sure Fire Way To Fall Off The Wagon

Ever started something with gusto and determination only to fall short of the goal? Watch this short video to learn what to do. Take care and be well, Erin xx P.S Looking for support that creates sustainable change? EVEXIA Accelerator and EVEXIA Accelerator – Email Therapy Option are live!

Fighting Perfectionism

FIGHTING PERFECTIONISM. As a recovering, high performing perfectionist, the topic always interests me. Here’s the cray-cray of seeking perfection in our personality and behaviour. We are not one ‘self’ to perfect. There are many aspects of ‘self’: The MANIFESTED self (who we present as) The OUGHT self (who we think we […]

We Dangerously Ignore What We Don’t Believe To Be True Or Important

We dangerously ignore what we don’t believe to be true or important. We unconsciously seek to see what we already know to support our beliefs, our emotions and our actions. It keeps us safe. Comfortable. But it also keeps us repeating the same old. No avenue to expand and experience […]

Are You On The Adrenaline Diet?

What’s the Adrenaline Diet you ask? It goes like this….. Wake with a tightness in your chest. Shallow, thoracic breathing, and a list of roles to play and things to do that scroll so quickly, that you can’t really focus on any of them. You rise without intention or clarity, but reactively […]