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APRIL 2018


Thursday 26th April, 6pm-7pm

This hour long guided meditation is designed to work through the seven main Chakras in your body.
We will use visualisation to clear each chakra and allow the energy to flow freely.
Your facilitator Katie, will touch on what each Chakra relates to in our lives, and what may be blocking them.
You will leave feeling a renewed energy flowing through your entire being.

Facilitated by Katie Everett

$15. Join us here.




Friday 27th April, 6.00pm-7.30pm

Join this sacred circle as we come together to direct the full moon energy to particular areas of our lives. Each month we will discuss a different topic and learn tools to take out into our everyday allowing us to live a more fulfilled life. Bring journal, pen and an open heart. Facilitated by Katie Everett.

$15 Register Here




MAY 2018


Thursday 3rd May , 12.15pm-1.00pm

Time poor yet still wish to learn the essentials for a healthy gut and digestion?

Join us in your lunch break for an express lesson into this all important system in the body.

You will learn why maintaining a healthy gut and microbiome is a must for all ages with our current lifestyle, as well as diving into the causes which damage our intestinal wall ‘leaky gut’, and negatively impact our microbiome.

You will walk away with 4 actions to implement easily and sustainably to support your gut. No overload.

Resources and organic tea included.

Facilitated by Erin Barnes.

$15 Bookings here.



Sunday 6th May 9.30am-11am

An introduction on the importance of regular body detoxification to maintain health, prevent disease, rid the body of toxins, and restore energy.

Is there toxic waste in your body?

With over 80,000 chemicals that exist in our modern environment, is it any wonder we continue to see a rise in chronic illnesses?

Learn which toxicities commonly reside deep in the bodies tissues and how they may be an underlying cause of symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, foggy brain, food addiction, food intolerance, digestive disorders, skin problems, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, and mood disorders.

You will be enlightened that detox is not about depriving yourself of food or taking weird potions. There are many natural techniques to help rid the body of toxins, and you will be shown 10 important steps to detox the body that can be incorporated into everyday life. These steps are simple and cost very little time or money, and will have a hugely positive impact on your day to day wellness.

Facilitated by Nutritionist and Detoxification Specialist, Rebecca Rowe.




Friday 18th May. 6pm-7.30pm

This group Reiki healing evening will be a hands on workshop where we bring awareness to our own energy field and use the power of Reiki to heal.

Through meditation, touch and breath we will leave feeling connect and free.

Facilitated by Katie Everett.

$25. Join us here.





Wednesday 23rd May, 5.30pm-6.30pm

Busy yet still wish to add some beneficial bacteria to your everyday?

Learn how to begin fermenting quickly, safely and easily, so that you and your family can reap the benefits of cultured foods and beverages with therapeutic potency.

You will receive:

  • Kultured Wellness Coconut Water Kefir Starter (RRP $40) to take home and begin fermenting straight away!
  • Kultured Wellness Functional Fermented Nutrition Book (RRP $14.99)
  • Resources including understanding ferments and poop chart.
  • Organic Tea

In this EXPRESS workshop you’ll also learn:

– other easy ways to incorporate these high-strength Kultured Wellness cultures into your daily life
– safety tips for introducing cultures into the family
– the in’s and out’s of probiotic foods

PRE-REQUISITE: Past Healthy Gut + Digestion Workshop OR Gut Health Express Workshop

Facilitated by Erin Barnes

$59 (includes $55 product). Book Here.



Saturday 26th May, 9am-11am

This 2 hour workshop will guide you through:

– The basics of mediation

– The benefits of taking time out each day

– How to incorporate meditation into your everyday life

– Obstacles you may face

– Take home techniques to get you on your way to making meditation a regular part of your everyday routine

Facilitated by Katie Everett.

$25. Bookings here.



Today many women suffer the biochemical, hormonal and metabolic consequences of stress (in all of its forms), past calorie restrictive diets, and toxin heavy environments.

The consequence of these modern day norms show up as inflammation, lack of clarity, fatigue, cravings, irritability, pain, sleep difficulties, anxiety, PMS or severe menopause symptoms, skin conditions, anger, impatience, weight gain or weight loss resistance.

The De-stress Methodology was developed to put women back in control of their bodies and minds, simplifying an over-complicated health and weight loss marketplace into a step-by-step framework, incorporating easy and uplifting behaviours that can be maintained for life, without becoming another ‘to do’.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

The problem with many weight-loss programs in the market today, is that they are set up to keep you coming back. You follow something, it ends, and soon enough you are back where you started, or a bit further behind physically and emotionally.

Our mission is to equip you with the skillset to be self-aware and self-reliant, with the ability to tune into what you need in any moment, and adopt the suitable behaviour to support your body at that specific life stage. Then we would love to say goodbye to you so that you can move onto the next area in your life to enlarge and experience differently.





Friday 25th May, 6.00pm-7.30pm

Join this sacred circle as we come together to direct the full moon energy to particular areas of our lives. Each month we will discuss a different topic and learn tools to take out into our everyday allowing us to live a more fulfilled life. Bring journal, pen and an open heart. Facilitated by Katie Everett.

$15 – Join Us Here.






Friday June 1st


Join Katie Everett on this intimate Friday evening, and together we will manifest our dreams through the power of vision boarding.

$25 includes your cork board, pins provided and organic tea.

BYO: Two magazines to share and a pair of scissors.

$25, Bookings Here.




Thursday 14th June,


Championing Challenge is a unique tri-monthly networking opportunity, inspiring women to welcome personal and professional challenge, as the essence of an expansive and fulfilling life.

In our June event, we welcome the cheeky and tenacious Kim Morrison – Founder of Twenty8 Essentials, co-author of 4 international best-selling books, world record holder for the first woman to run 100 miles in under 24hrs, qualified personality training and aromatherapist of 27yrs.

Like all people, life for Kim has had its trials and tribulations. Some things landing her flat on her back unable to comprehend the pains that life has thrown, and other times where she has never felt more in the flow of life and on fire!

Kim will share her insights, every day behaviours and beliefs that have allowed her to champion her challenges, living a full, accomplished and inspiring life thus far.

Championing Challenge Networking is presented and facilitated by The Wellness Hub and Fernwood Fitness Maroochydore, and hosted by Evolution Fuel. You will be welcomed into a relaxed and un-intimidating space where relationships win over business titles, and collaboration and elevation are supreme.

Through our guest speaker’s stories and insights, you will be gifted a new perspective on ‘challenge’, an expanded physical and emotional toolbox, and the inspiration to transform your own personal and professional arenas.

Whilst we all love learning the ‘to-do’s’ in business, social media, client retention, sales and the like, in this networking space we will explore the topics that sometimes keep us playing small including fear, distraction, anxiety, finances, stress, productivity, purpose, loss, health, expectations, hurt, labels, boundaries, trust, regret, perfectionism, disappointment and much, much more.

Championing Challenge Investment:

Fernwood Members $29

Non-Members $39

Includes a glass of wine and delicious nibbles by the team at Evolution Fuel.

Lucky door prizes

How long?


What to wear?

Be you. Be Comfortable.




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