The Wellness Hub is a relaxed learning hub for women providing scientific and research proven information across the broad elements of wellbeing. 

The Wellness Hub is dedicated to supporting women through the process of integrating the new learning and behaviours into their daily lives.  

Wellness underpins a vital, confident, joyous and fulfilled existence. The ability to harness wellness throughout different life stages and unique conditions is a gift each and every one of us is worthy of experiencing.  

Crafting and sustaining wellness requires new education, an integrated and individualised focus, and support.  

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Specialising in:

Stress and Adrenal Fatigue Reduction  

Weight Loss  

Chronic Pain + Inflammation Reduction  

Detoxification, Parasite + Liver Cleanses  

Sustainable Habit Change  

Increasing Daily Energy  

Emotional Management  

Mindfulness Training  


Women's Wellness Programs  

Bowen Therapy  

Purpose + Value Clarification

Food Allergy Testing

A word on why.

Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all process.

Our physical and emotional systems, experiences and beliefs are uniquely different, and often concentrating on one area alone leads to frustration and unsustainable change. The Wellness Hub is dedicated to ongoing holistic enlargement and sustainable outcomes through a model of education, integration and support.

Referral to external practitioners may be recommended in some situations for best outcomes for the client.

How you'll find us spending our days.......

– Private Consultations 

- Support Groups

– Wellness Educational Sessions  

think menopause, gut health, digestive health, weight-loss, meal planning, mother-daughter events, making sense of food, essential self-care……….  

– Hands On Demonstrations  

imagine cooking up healthy snacks and on-the-go meals, transitioning to low tox living, chemical free skin care, essential oils for daily stress management……………  

– Courageous Conversations  

an intimate hour, unearthing and transforming the challenges that women face with courage and compassion.  

– Open House  

an ask the expert + experiential hour monthly, free of charge.  

– Urban Retreats  

things like teenage ‘chemical free’ pamper parties, mindfulness training, self-compassion training, mother-daughter in-club retreats…….  

– Guest Speakers  

wellness is broad and we welcome experts in their field to share their precious education and insight.  

– Chemical free/Organic  

emotional and physical health supporting products, 10% off for all Fernwood members.  

– Lounge Space Hire  

looking to collaborate in the wellness sector in a delicious learning space? 10-15 women.