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Education. Integration. Support.

A word on why. Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all process.  

Our physical and emotional systems, experiences and beliefs are uniquely different, and often concentrating on one area alone leads to frustration and unsustainable change. The Wellness Hub is dedicated to ongoing holistic enlargement and sustainable outcomes through a model of education, integration and support.  


The Wellness Hub is a relaxed learning hub for women, providing scientific and research proven EDUCATION across the broad elements of wellbeing.

You can choose your most convenient and affordable approach through the flexible programs, services and workshops.


Whichever means you digest your new education, The Wellness Hub team are focussed on affording women the strategies, tools and behaviours for successful INTEGRATION of the new learning into their daily lives.  


The Wellness Hub is dedicated to the level of SUPPORT required for sustainable success. We minimise the confusion of 'where to next', and never send you off to sort it out on your own.

Our Specialities.

Wellness underpins a vital, confident, joyous and fulfilled existence. The ability to harness wellness throughout different life stages and unique conditions can be challenging, with information overwhelm and the struggle to maintain required behaviours for the long term. We guide you along the journey through a step by step method.

Weight Loss

Stress Reduction

Detoxification + Parasites

Pain, Inflammation + Allergies + Energy

Diet + Lifestyle Behaviour Change

Yoga/ Meditation / Mindfulness

Meet Our Team

Erin Barnes

Stress, Weight loss + Behavioural Specialist

Founder The Wellness Hub + Next Generation Wellness

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAscHMS) 

Advanced NLP Practitioner

Personal Trainer

L2 Certified Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

Master Mindfulness Practitioner 

Sports Trainer

Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator

Rebecca Rowe

Nutritionist + Detox Specialist

Founder of The Cleanse Shop

Certificate in Human Nutrition

Cellular Health Scanning Practitioner

Diploma in Financial Planning

Bachelor of Accounting/ Finance

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