Today many women suffer the biochemical, hormonal and metabolic consequences of stress (in all of its forms), past calorie restrictive diets, and toxin heavy environments.

The consequence of these modern day norms show up as inflammation, lack of clarity, fatigue, cravings, irritability, pain, sleep difficulties, anxiety, PMS or severe menopause symptoms, skin conditions, anger, impatience, weight gain or weight loss resistance.

The De-stress Methodology was developed to put women back in control of their bodies and minds, simplifying an over-complicated health and weight loss marketplace into a step-by-step framework, incorporating easy and uplifting behaviours that can be maintained for life, without becoming another ‘to do’.

 Sound too good to be true? It’s not.  

The problem with many weight-loss programs in the market today, is that they are set up to keep you coming back. You follow something, it ends, and soon enough you are back where you started, or a bit further behind physically and emotionally. 

Our mission is to equip you with the skillset to be self-aware and self-reliant, with the ability to tune into what you need in any moment, and adopt the suitable behaviour to support your body at that specific life stage. Then we would love to say goodbye to you so that you can move onto the next area in your life to enlarge and experience differently. 


- Busy women 

- Women who realise the calorie in/ calorie out equation doesn’t work long-term 

- Women who have inflammatory conditions  

- Women who have specific food challenges 

- Women who regularly depend on caffeine, alcohol, or sugar 

- Women who are wired and tired 

- Women who are sick of following a diet meal plan and wish to adopt healthy changes for a lifetime 

- Women of all ages  


- no calorie restricting diets 

- no strict meal plans; design your own based on your time, budget and foods preferences, and without cellular damaging chemicals 

- no social hibernation required 


The De-stress Methodology is a balanced approach where the overall body (internal and external) is paramount, calmness of the mind is possible, a well nourished and shaped body attainable, and your overall life has more joy and productivity. 

Each session incorporates education, a hands-on integrative ritual, accountability system, plus tools and support for the greatest results and sustainability.  

We turn the necessary behaviours into uplifting daily rituals without adding to the ‘to-do list’, which commonly sits behind the cellular and hormonal damaging stress ever present in women’s lives today. 

We focus on 3 core elements essential for weight loss, optimal health and energy. 


We reduce the impact that both the physical and emotional stressors have on the body by overcoming the dis-empowering habits we showcase, and adopting new rituals that change how we feel, think and believe. 

We alter internal stressors such as parasites, gut bacteria, gut integrity, inflammation, nervousness, hormonal imbalance, toxin accumulation, perfectionism. 

We shift external stressors such as diet, eating behaviours, family/ relationship challenges, financial challenges, technology dependence, sleep inadequacy, overtraining, stressed breathing, and damaging products in our environment. 


We give your cells and biochemical pathways what they need, easily, for optimal health, energy, mood and weight. You get to find peace with food, trust in yourself, and in your body’s ability to communicate, heal and recalibrate.


Recalibrate the nervous, digestive, detoxification, endocrine, immune + reproductive systems, balance blood sugar, and restore gut integrity + bacteria for consistent energy, productivity and emotional stability. 

Shift how you show up everyday at home, work and in your mind. 

Shift how you think, feel and experience life regardless of the external landscape. 

Stabilise weight, energy, cravings and emotions. 


This methodology is delivered face-to-face; the most successful way for big shifts and sustainable change. It is facilitated from The Wellness Hub on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia by Erin Barnes, and other specialists in Stress + Detoxification. 

SMALL GROUPS (5-8 women) 

6 x 2 hour fortnightly sessions  

The educational material is released, and you integrative the rituals for 2 weeks, so that you can become confident in that action, and witness the difference they make. 


Get together 5-8 of your girlfriends and we will deliver The Destress Methodology on a day and time that suits you each fortnight. Weekends available and alternative venues considered.


Re-commencing in May 2018.

Please register interest to, in order to select most appropriate times and days.

PROTOCOL INVESTMENT $249 all inclusive


 - 12hrs of small group educational and behaviour integrative sessions

 - Resource folder + weekly tools/ resources + ritual accountability 

- Private Facebook group for support  

- Hands on integration 

- Some surprises.......


Erin Barnes is the founder of Next Generation Wellness + The Wellness Hub, which are behind a movement. A movement to shift our current thinking and actions, which sit at the heart of the frightening societal norm of deteriorating physical and emotional health, pressured relationships, chronic stress, guilt and addiction. A movement TOWARD better education, enlargement and empowered choices, leading to a brighter future for ourselves and our next generations. 

The shift is about #BringingBackTheImportant 

It’s about bringing back healthier individuals without inflammatory pain and disease, constant weight challenges, daily fatigue, behavioural problems, learning difficulties and health related disease being the norm. 

It’s about slowing the pace of life and adapting differently to chronic daily stress, in order to move away from the burnt out, impatient, frantic, moody and energy-less human that is. 

It’s about reducing chemical accumulation and toxicity from food, personal care and home care products currently affecting health, weight and emotions, and causing inflammatory disease at rocket speed. 

It’s about living intentionally with technology so that we use its power positively, and purposely re-connecting with our friends, partners and family to allow for greater experiences of life despite the challenges that turn up. 

It’s about expanding self-awareness, compassion and contribution, for greater fulfillment and happiness, and shifting from the reliance on food, caffeine, alcohol or spending which currently fill the void. 

It’s about creating homes that are supportive, connected, calm and compassionate, rather than rushed, cluttered, unkind and resentful. It’s about enlarging inner confidence + courage, so as competition and comparison has no influence and we can experience life beyond what currently is. 

Next Generation Wellness exists to provide the EDUCATION to enable you to confidently and courageously make empowered choices in line with the movement. Next Generation Wellness exists to provide you the STRATEGY to not only know it, but SHOW UP DAILY and LIVE IT! 

Erin's experience over the last 18 years encompasses exercise physiology, nutrition, positive psychology, behavioural coaching, mindfulness, and chemical free living. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAsc) – HMS, is an Advanced NLP Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Sports Trainer, L2 Certified Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, a Master Mindfulness Practitioner, and Certified Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator in aromatherapy, chemical free skincare and essential oils.

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