Say ‘no’ to New Years Resolutions

1st of January.  

You set the resolution. The goal.  

But it’s kind of crazy if you’re truly honest enough to reflect that last year you had a similar goal, and you’re sort of still where you were then. 

Here is an example of the common and outdated approach to resolution-setting.
SET GOAL: lose weight, get fit and healthy
CHOOSE ACTIONS:  Join a gym-like venture and train hard. Reduce calorie intake. Eat Salad. Stop drinking alcohol. No more chocolate and desserts.
CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE THOSE ACTIONS: an all or nothing intention. 

But let’s be real.  If this approach worked, there would be more than a sad 8% of our combined resolutions accomplished. In fact, 80% have already given up by the second week in February! 

So, the good news is that it’s not you that is the failure.
It’s the approach. 

This approach doesn’t consider that we’re emotional beings, bombarded with opportunities of pleasure inducing acts, and that it’s not easy to choose against the reward/pleasure system (Mesolimbic Dopamine System).  

Often these goals are related to society’s values, and not our own which causes constant conflict and challenge in our moment to moment choices. Plus, your brain receives 400 billion bits of information per second. 
Then your incredible Reticular Activating System has to filter through them based on what you know (not what you don’t) and your beliefs (programmed unconsciously during your first 8 years of life) to process only 2000 of them.  We literally don’t see the opportunities for different choices.  

And then of course, we’re on autopilot over 95% of our days. We repeat what we always have, that we learnt from someone else a long time ago. 

Big ask right? There’s a better framework. It’s all mine. The 4 C’s. 
And the 2019 Wellbeing + Life Success Immersion is live for registrations.

Take care and be well, Erin xx

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