The Real Stories #1 – Vicki Laffy

Do you ever lose your calm with those you love the most?  Do you ever run manic to keep up appearances? Do you ever say you don’t care about a certain something, when in fact it consumes your mind? Do you ever feel like you are the only one with the challenge or fear you face? Are you ever afraid to speak your absolute truth for fear of non-acceptance? Do you ever doubt you can do it, so you don’t even try? Do you ever put on a brave face, when you all you want to do is cry?
I have been blessed to hear so many stories of real parents and their struggles. ‘Blessed’ because it allows me to understand very clearly that no individual is immune from fear, self-doubt, sadness and challenge. That every individual deals with something daily they wish they could change. I also have the privilege of watching many of these courageous individuals bust through, succeeding at serious changes, and expanding their lives beyond what they believed possible.
These are the stories we all need to hear.  Real stories of real parents #bringingbacktheimportant
Some of the #bringingbacktheimportant changes are big. Some small.  What really matters is these stories can show you with absolute clarity, that you are not alone. That there is hope and excitement that absolutely any change is possible.
Let’s celebrate their successes together and I forward to celebrating yours too.

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Who is in your family?

My husband Nathan, myself, my 3 daughters Delaney 10, Isla 7 and Sadie 4, and very much involved in my life are my parents, Jan (Grandma) & Ron (Pa) O’Neill

What have been some of the challenges you have recently been facing?

Eating and drinking habits were out of control, and physical injuries/health issues were outrageous for my age – I had a lot of issues with IBS, allergies and injuries. I’m overweight and I just needed to get healthier.

What was your defining ‘I can’t do it like this anymore’ moment which made you take the step to #bringingbacktheimportant?

I was ‘enjoying’ drinking way to much alcohol and the frequency became daily… I was only exercising 1 day a week and everything I did from getting out of bed to cooking a meal for dinner was becoming too hard, and I was exhausted!!!

Have you ever tried something in the past to face that challenge, that didn’t work out?

I have basically been on a ‘diet’ since I was in grade 3, so for my whole life I have had weight issues, issues with food and my feelings towards my body have always been terrible. I have been to dieticians. I’ve been on Weight Watchers about 3 times. I’ve completed the Michelle Bridges 12 week program and most of my life I’ve been on the ‘Vicki’s who gives a s*&t, nothing is ever going to change’ program!

What were you most fearful of in taking the leap to make a change in #bringingbacktheimportant?

It was going to be TOO hard and I was setting myself up for another failure

What is the biggest upside to your most recent change/s?

I’ve realised that most of the change needs to come from my way of thinking.  I’ve always been a pessimist and a lot of my thoughts were and still are, (but I’m working really hard on changing) negative. I stress a lot and Healthy Parent Healthy Child/Erin has taught me to work on the non-negotiables and move forward from there. I like when I catch myself out thinking negatively and change my thought to a positive – I do a little happy dance.

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I’d love to be super fit and lose 20kgs, but I’ve realised that it took me 37 years to get this way so chances are it might take a fair while for me to change, but every small change is a step forward and who knows I might be the fittest I’ve ever been in my life by the time I’m 74.

What is the biggest downside to your most recent change/s?

I wish I could change everything, but I know ANY change is great

What now excites you about the future that didn’t before?

I look forward to my girls being fit, nourished and healthy from a young age, so that they don’t have to struggle so much for health and wellbeing in their teen/adult years. I’m excited to be a good role model and provide them with great tools, nourishing food and non-toxic personal care products.

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What now scares you about the future that didn’t before?

That not everyone knows/understands all the positive information I now know and that not enough people will have the tools and knowledge to change

What is easier than before your change?

Getting out of bed (most mornings teehee), cooking/baking nourishing food, moving for at least 30mins a day, even if that is housework or stretching – I know that I can’t flog myself at the gym or go for a run because my body just doesn’t handle it long term, but any movement is good for my body and soul, and I want to be consistent for the long term.

What was your biggest AHA moment or mind shift that has helped in your change?

I’ve had a lot… from realising if you nourish your body well you have more energy, and movement promotes healthy thinking.

But I remember one day I was in the car with all 3 girls and to cut a long story short we were all chatting away and my youngest just stated out of the blue ‘you seem happier today Mum, not so angry’, and I realised I’d been putting those precious 3 cuties though all my anxiousness, stressfulness and grumpiness, and I was responsible for them. I needed to teach them how not to end up like the bad version of me.

Have you noticed any differences in your connection/experiences with those around you?

Our night-time ritual now consists of not only a book and ‘I love you’, but the awesome question, ‘what are you grateful/happy/proud of today?’ . Some of the answers the girls have are priceless and I feel like every day that means I’ve always got 6 great things to be grateful for – the 3 girls and their 3 answers as well as my achievements for that day.

Do you have any words/ quotes/ philosophies that you choose to live by?

My favourite is one posted from Erin – ‘Two Beats Longer’

‘Breathe’ is another one I often use hourly.

I also found another one recently that I like – ‘Remember that happiness is a way of travel not a destination’

What is your next #bringingbacktheimportantchange that you would like to prioritise?

Food portion sizes is one that I need to revisit and I have a huge rain check list from HPHC that I keep adding to, but there is always something to learn or read/watch/listen too, and that is a great thing

Any advice for those pondering a #bringingbacktheimportant change?

Erin is fantastic & any change is worth it, you learn so much. You can take it at your own pace, it’s for life – ‘it’s life changing’

Also, don’t dismiss the ‘body boost’ – sorry Erin but for a few months, I think you know, I thought it was a bit airy fairy, but I swallowed my pride and whilst attempting the Cleanse, I used it with the Detox & Strengthen essential oil.  I haven’t stopped since, most mornings and EVERY night I love it, and sometimes the girls have a go – it’s so invigorating.


Thank you Vicki for #bringingbacktheimportant xx



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