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  • Bookings can be made face to face in The Wellness Hub or booked via The Wellness Hub booking application and requesting ‘Skype’ or ‘Phone’ in the comments section.


Having worked within the health and wellness industry for over 17 years, in fields encompassing exercise physiology, psychology + positive psychology, nutrition, personal and sports training, education and behavioural coaching, aromatherapy and chemical free living, mindfulness and NLP. I now blend my education and experience to create a science based and sustainable approach to expanding women’s health and wellbeing. (Learn more about me here)

The women I work with learn how to show up daily with increased energy, confidence, purpose, self-reliance, optimism, joy, compassion and self-awareness. They become the stress-free, energetic, aspiring and emotionally content human they desire to be, with strong relationships and positive role-modelling for the little eyes watching every move.

Tailoring packages is always my focus, no two people are the same.


There is a fundamental difference between Coaches in the marketplace, and a Mentor. A Coach will show you what to do and how to do it. They focus on improvement of attitude or skill, with an emphasis of positive and sustainable execution.

Mentoring takes it to another level. As a Mentor, I will cover that of the Coach, and take you deeper into the underlying factors of why. As a Mentor I bring not only the education, but also experience, understanding and sound judgement, because I have successfully achieved and sustained what you are seeking if you are reading this. Sustained whilst experiencing the external challenges of life because I too, am not ‘lucky’.

This is where I would love to take you. Let’s:

– Move toward greater physical health without inflammatory pain and disease, constant weight challenges, daily fatigue, behavioural problems, learning difficulties and health related disease being the norm

– Slow the pace of life and adapt differently to chronic daily stress (because it’s not going anywhere), in order to move away from the burnt out, impatient, frantic, overwhelmed, moody and energy-less human that is.

– Reduce chemical accumulation and toxicity from food, personal care and home care products currently affecting health, weight, emotions, and reproduction and causing inflammatory disease at rocket speed.

– Live intentionally with technology so that we use its power positively, and still purposely re-connect with our friends, partners and family to allow for greater experiences of life despite the challenges that turn up.

– Expand self-awareness, self-compassion and contribution, for greater fulfillment and happiness, and shift from the reliance and addiction of food, caffeine, alcohol or spending which currently fill the void.

– Enlarge inner confidence + courage, and reduce guilt so as competition and comparison has no influence and we can experience life beyond what currently is, rather than a deficit mindset.

– Role model positive expectations, boundaries and emotions to our next generations.

– Make empowered choices and build an extraordinary and energetic life, so that we show up differently each and every day. Then our next generation can also watch how to live with resilience, courage, fulfillment, confidence, happiness, self-reliance, connection, compassion, self-awareness and the lifestyle practices to live with energy and joy.



These days, I believe testimonials can be a little orchestrated, so instead I invite you to read some REAL STORIES by real people.

Christine Hall

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Book an appointment with The Wellness Hub using SetMore

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