Although the challenges of weight gain, mood, energy + inflammation seem so independent and multi-faceted, most often they can be managed with an understanding of the biochemical, physiological + psychological affect of: 

+ ongoing physical and emotional stress

+ personal beliefs & unconscious habits

+ chemical toxicity from modern day food, household items, personal care and the environment

+ the current metabolic and inflammatory state of the body 

+ the body's systems (in particular the immune, detoxification, digestive, endocrine, nervous systems) 

and the right steps toward shifting subconcious behaviours that we have adopted over a lifetime.

This protocol is suited to women who are faced with struggles around any or all of the following:

- Tiredness + low energy

- Physical health concern (ie- auto-immune disease or pain)

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Stuck in negative emotion and outbursts

- Stress

- Weight loss 

The Protocol is customised to suit each individual with EDUCATION, INTEGRATION + SUPPORT. 

We all come with a different personality type and a varied set of strengths and knowlege. We have diverse commitments, finances + circumstances, intertwined with speckled backgrounds, experiences + beliefs. 

No two programs are the same, however the 6-12 MONTH PROTOCOL typically involves 3 phases.


 Mind + Body 

You will detoxify and alkalise the physical body and transition to behaviours that nourish the body and mind, repair the intestinal permeability, balance gut flora, stablise blood sugar levels, EFA’s, reduce inflammatory foods, processed foods and chemical toxicity. You will increase brain and body nourishing foods, boosting the metabolism for energy, immunity and weight management. You will also gain a greater understanding of the body's systems and the practices to support them - metabolism, detoxification, adrenal, nervous and endocrine. You will also learn the strategies to reduce chemicals affecting mood, energy and weight.

The Cleanse program and meal planning tools, coaching and skills, plus recipe folder with over 100 quick, gluten free and nourishing recipes are included in this phase. You will be gifted with a simplified approach to food, whilst ensuring that your body is receiving everything that it needs everyday (even in a soil depleted environment) Whilst learning is imperative, so are the small weekly goals, accountability practices and strategies you will put into practice. Suitable for families and those with special heath concerns.

We also work to begin the process of transitioning to a positive mindset, critical for desired feelings and actions and to eliminate food addiction and emotional eating.

This phase will allow you to step into a place where you can begin to trust in your body moment to moment. To know with clarity what it needs and is communicating. To step out of the space where food choices are complicated and stressful, and where fads and restriction play no role.


 Mind + Body 

You will attain an understanding and transformation of thoughts and feelings which lead to certain behaviours. How the brain works to keep you stuck or to change. Through the change in behaviour we can create brighter experiences which in turn lead to a more positive outlook and feelings. We educate on the effects of stress (perceived and real) on weight, brain chemicals (mood), inflammation and energy, and incorporate healing stillness practices to support the body and remove the stress state affecting health, weight and mood.

We work through emotional mastery and limiting beliefs in order to move forward with confidence and calm, despite the external circumstances. You will learn practices to stay calm despite a busy schedule, and even unravel the busy-ness. We will look closely at worthiness and self-acceptance, and adopt strategies for self-compassion and essential self-care. We will dive into the unsconscious drivers which create disempowering behaviours, and shift strategies used to disconnect with negative emotion.

We look closely at hormones and their role in your body, and how they may be causing challenges in your life.

Learn and practice micro-moment rituals to allow you to manage real and perceived emotional stress without a huge time commitment.

We also develop a balanced exercise regime for life, incorporating all the essentials for improved metabolism, mood and weight management. All perfectly suited to a busy schedule and a woman's body. Add to that the education and action steps to improve and increase sleep, contributing to weight, energy, inflammation and mood challenges.


Physical, Mental & Emotional

Understanding the role that technology has on mood, weight and energy, and developing a unique plan to manage and utilise technologies strengths. We also work through personality training, your personal human needs, values clarification and happiness profile, in order to reduce the affect others have on you, and to understand and accept self and life's challenges.

You learn the skills and tools for greater self-awareness and managing thoughts/ feelings/ actions. How to develop a positive mindset whilst still changing and striving toward essential goals, establishing personal strengths and then aligning personality, strengths and actions so that you utilise fats rather than glucose, reduce physical and emotional stress, and increase self-acceptance rather than competition and comparison.

We focus on how you can live more purposefully and intentionally, so that you can stop filling the void with food, alcohol, spending or busyness. We help you to create a home and workplace that is harmonious, without trying to change other people. 

You also learn how to create supportive relationships and enlarged human connection for mood management. We learn the behaviours we have adopted that are damaging to our relationships (at home, work and socially), and understand how to shift those behaviours. 

We educate, enlarge and empower you so that you can SHOW UP DAILY with energy, courage, purpose, confidence, self-reliance, presence, compassion and self-awareness. You BECOME the stress-free, energetic, inflammation reduced, confident, worry free, healthy, emotionally balanced, and addiction-free human, with strong relationships and positive role-modelling

The Protocol also includes:

26 x weekly or fortnightly 45 min Mentoring Sessions  

You choose to spread protocol over 6mths or 12mths.

In person or via skype

– Aromatherapy Starter Kit

This is one of the most incredible and life-changing rituals you will ever embrace, improving the relationship with your body as well as reaping the rewards of essential oils in managing mood and hormones. 

The pack includes: 100 ml Cold Pressed Carrier Oil 50ml Magnesium Oil White Ceramic Bowl 10ml Instant Calm Synergy Blend 10ml Detox & Strengthen Synergy Blend Vaporiser 2 x Spritzer bottles 

– CLEANSE Program & Strengthen & Detox E-book 

Your 5 day meal plan, shopping list and educational resource to cleanse, reboot your metabolism, aid digestion and alkalise the body. Strengthen & Detox E-book – daily rituals to naturally detox and cleanse, aid digestion, strengthen the mind and body, and manage stress, fear and anxiety. 

- Recipe Folder 

Staples list and meal planner are included in this folder with over 200 recipes, and designed for easy planning and family preparation.

- Resources Folder

Week by week we fill your folder with educational resources, actionable steps, accountability and progress reports, and everything you need for future reference and ongoing learning.




6 monthy instalments of $330 

Prior to making any commitment, you are invited to a 30 minute introductory session (40% discount) to ensure that our work can be successful. Book here. 

Places are limited and waiting lists may apply. 

For Sunshine Coast residents, consultations are preferably conducted in person from The Wellness Hub @ Fernwood Maroochydore, or for those a little further away, by Skype.  

My name is Erin Barnes. I have a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAsc) – Human Movement Sciences- encompassing nutrition, psychology and exercise science, am an Advanced NLP Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Sports Trainer, L2 Certified Wellness & Lifestyle Coach with a focus in positive psychology, a Master Mindfulness Practitioner, NLP Advanced Practitioner and Certified Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator in aromatherapy, chemical free skincare and essential oils. I am also in training with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Reiki. My experience over the last 17yrs has been across the areas of exercise physiology, nutrition, positive psychology, behavioural coaching and chemical free living.  

That’s the professional part, and I believe that quality education is imperative in our current climate. However, so much of my ability to support women, comes through the personal side. Whilst I believe that we should be able to experience big belly laughs, be in the moment without worrying what someone may think of us, how our butt looks, how big our house is, how many sports our kids do, what our title is, if our toenails are chipped, if our crow’s feet are visible……… most women are not.  

Several years ago I wasn’t either. This is how it really looked: 1) If I didn’t get two exercise sessions in during a day, I was hopeless, hard on myself, and scared I would get fat. Note: I was also at my most unhealthy and heaviest, and was working in the health industry with knowledge of biochemistry, which should have provided the knowing that over-exercising, negative thinking and emotional stress are big causes of weight gain- sometimes knowledge isn’t all we need!  

2) I focused on the low calorie choice, rather than the nourishing one (and ended up with an auto-immune disease so I could barely walk, let alone exercise- spiral on point 1).  

3) I suffered anxiety in every setting I entered, choking on my saliva if someone asked me a question, and spluttered out the answer in total disrespect so that they would look the other way – living in an internal state of stress and exacerbating the auto-immune disease.  

4) I based my worth on busy-ness.  

5) I craved significance because of the frightened parts of my personality, which meant I made hurtful comments to others- all in fun of course!  

6) I believed that relaxation was a glass of wine and I deserved it. Never anything to do with masking the real stresses and the underlying emotions. It didn’t help the gut and auto-immune disease either.  

7) I believed that life was meant to be hard work, rather than an opportunity to be challenged, expand and experience.  

8) I believed in ‘lack’ because of comparison rather than gratitude, also thinking when I had the next ‘thing’ it would all change.  

9) I would say ‘yes’ constantly to make other people happy so they would like me. Stress then stayed my norm and I had no time for self-compassion and self-care.  

10) I agreed with name calling, and spoke about people too much – because it distracted me from my own weaknesses and shadows.  

What did all that end up looking like? A fearful human, being hurtful, being angry, in pain, busy to gain significance, tired, not good enough…….but no one would have guessed that from the outside, and god knows I wasn’t going to share the truth! And then I thought it would be normal to bring a little human in to the world and teach her what I knew about life! And can’t they highlight your greatest fears and insecurities!!  

I have a genuine understanding of how physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, create our intentions (aware or unaware), which create our personal experience of life.  

Next Generation Wellness was created and operates with my core values close to heart – health, family, relationships, freedom, passion and engagement, achievement, personal growth, contribution, courage, dedication and professionalism.  

I am blessed to live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia, with my encouraging husband and two edifying children and love having energy and being social. I enjoy a great glass of wine, an amazing coffee and chocolate without guilt, but I also can’t go without my real food, veggies and smoothies. I am energised by the beach, yoga and generally being active.Life is short. Live it, but live it well; body and mind.

Erin xx


- because it needn't be hard to be healthy just because we live in an unhealthy society

- because hidden chemicals are causing severe inflammation and mood disorders

- because 64% of Australian adults are overweight or obese

- because 1 in 7 Australians are suffering from anxiety or depression (severe of extremely severe)

- because 40% of children in Australia already have a lifelong disease

- because inflammation is a major epidemic

- beacuse you can have fun and be healthy

- because weight seems to be a major concern for most people

- because you learn it once and you live it for life

- because it's ok to ask for support and not to have to know it all

- because a quick fix never ever lasts the distance

- because your health and well-being should never be last on the list

- because life is tough without energy

- and because we're worth it

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