How do we choose?

Step 1. We need awareness that a choice is being made. 

Most skip this part.

If we get to step 2 however, contemplating the choice, what do we base that choice upon?

Most commonly we make the choice in an emotional state of being (logically offline), based on past experiences and beliefs, with a large dusting of societal norms.

For example, many young women I see, have cut out meat and carbohydrates. 

Reverence for animals and acidic, yes, although mostly the choice is peer pressure driven, and society has also traditionally sent us a little lie, that carbohydrates are the devil.  The fearful precursor to weight gain.

What does that choice mean for the body?

It means that Vitamin B is obsolete, which is vital for liver detoxification, energy, digestion, adrenal function, nervous system, skin, red blood cells and sex hormone production.

What impact does that have on how we feel over time?

Anxiety, low mood, irritable, quick to anger, tired, impatient, foggy, unrefreshed after sleep, cravings for sugar, caffeine and alcohol, poor recovery, low immunity, skin conditions……oh and the list goes on.

There are many examples like this of course. Not just Vitamin B.

My message?

Understand there is a choice.

Educate yourself on the choices available to you in any moment.

Own the choice as your own.

Choose self-respect, and treat that choice as an obligation.

This brings calm, productivity, clarity, kindness, courage and greater human potential. 

And if you’re confused.

If you don’t know where your body is at right now. 

Or why it’s communicating what it is.

Book your 90min Deep Dive Session. You’ll come out with individualised understanding, and a step by step framework to follow for 30 days. You can choose wisely, suited to you.

Sessions are available in person on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, or via Skype.

On Monday 25th March, I am available face to face in Echuca, VIC, and have just two appointments left at 12.30pm or 2pm. Please reply email to secure one of those two times.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx

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