SERIES 5 - 8 weeks


In Series #4, we unpack the challenge of negative self-talk and self-sabotage, and take home a weekly action step to build into everyday life. We adopt new learning and skills around self-compassion, emotional literacy, personality, human needs, values clarification, limiting beliefs, expectations, intentions, shifting dialogue and much more.

A WORD ON WHY? - Most women spend a big chunk of their everyday rushing, thoracic breathing and in self-criticism (70% the research offers). When we live in this state, the physiological and biochemical response in the body is inflammatory, damaging to our gut, our energy levels, and our choices around food, exercise, relationships, productivity and fun. 

- Fear of failure and perfectionism keep people playing smaller than they desire and later in life they wish they had showed up with more courage.

- Most women are the greatest role models for their children, being in their space the most. Yet the dialogue, emotional response and physical actions are not in line with creating the belief systems they seek for their children.

- Most people have positive external intentions, but have no idea of the frightened parts of themselves that win over and create negative behaviours.

- Most women are in shame of their body and appearance, and waste their precious life dabbling in this and that to change something that is usually driven first by our thoughts and emotions.

This isn't a fluffy little 'speak to yourself like your friend' series, we already know that we should. It isn't a 'come and tell all your problems for some sympathy' type of space either. It's structured. It's a skill. 

Our everyday choices are the source of both our greatest achievements and our deepest problems. 

Our beliefs, either empowering or disempowering, shape those choices. 

Courageous Conversations is a live series that allows women to question their beliefs, be gifted with new learning and experiences, and support the acceptance of more empowering beliefs. 

This 8 week, hour long series will fill up your tank, afford you new strategies and thinking, and enable you to show up each day with more courage, vitality and joy. 

Why the balloon in the picture?

The women I see aren't broken. They do however, often feel that way because they have a knowing that there is a natural helium balloon ready to lift them to great heights, it just feels like it is hooked firmly to the chair.

It may be that they feel like their current circumstances can't be shifted; weight, relationships, difficult children, finances, behaviours, addictions......

It may be thay they actually know they are doing exceptionally well with great circumstances, yet still feel like busy, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, joy-less, heavy, anxious.........

It may be that they know there is just something niggling at them, something more, and they are scared to take the leap.

This is what Courageous Conversations is about. Unearthing that 'stuff' that keeps us hooked to the chair. Filling up the energy bases - physical, mental, emotional + spiritual- weekly. The energy bases that naturally deplete as we give it to everyone else. Watch what happens then......


- Imagine a quiet and safe space to cancel the noise that overwhelms us daily (the to-do lists, children, work, errands, sport, cooking, cleaning, shopping, taxi.......)

- You can sit, listen and learn, or you can be as open as you choose. There are no rules.

- You will be led into the topic of conversation, be guided, and insight offered based on my experience and education across positive psychology, NLP, mindfulness and human behaviour, and provide you with a weekly action step in order to expand your learning throughout the week.  

- Spaces are strictly limited to 8 women and must be purchased in full, prior to commencement to secure you place. Includes resources, journal, water, organic tea, pencils, paint (sometimes!) + paper.


8 week series essential for this topic of conversation: OVERCOMING NEGATIVE SELF-TALK + SELF SABOTAGE

Choose your day/time:

Tuesday's 8.50am - 9.50am (commencing 13th February)

Wednesday's 5.20pm-6.20pm (commencing Wednesday 14th)


The Wellness Hub

Fernwood Fitness Maroochydore 

Sunshine Home

72 Maroochydore Rd, Maroochydore


$140 inclusive of the 8 weeks 

For alternate payment arrangements, please contact


Please try to arrive 5 minutes prior to commencement, as we will begin together, intentionally.


An open mind and comfortable attire.


For more information or upcoming conversation topics, please contact 

Upon booking below, you will receive a confirmation email within 24hours, where you can select the dates and days which suit your schedule. If this does not arrive in your inbox, please connect with the email address above.

Erin Barnes

Founder of Next Generation Wellness

Courageous Conversations is facilitated by Next Generation Wellness founder Erin Barnes - a physical, emotional and behavioural expert with 17 years’ experience and education encompassing nutrition, positive psychology, exercise physiology, behavioural coaching, sports coaching, aromatherapy and chemical free living.

Next Generation Wellness is behind a movement to shift away from today’s frightening societal norms. A movement toward #BringingBackTheImportant.

Educating, empowering and enlarging women's health and joy, stirring a ripple that positively impacts our next generations.

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