#BBI The Real Stories – Nikki Sugars

Do you ever lose your calm with those you love the most? Do you ever run manic to keep up appearances? Do you ever say you don’t care about a certain something, when in fact it consumes your mind? Do you ever feel like you are the only one with the challenge or fear you face? Are you ever afraid to speak your absolute truth for fear of non-acceptance? Do you ever doubt you can do it, so you don’t even try? Do you ever put on a brave face, when you all you want to do is cry?

I have been blessed to hear so many stories of real people and their struggles. ‘Blessed’ because it allows me to understand very clearly that no individual is immune from fear, self-doubt, sadness and challenge. That every individual deals with something daily they wish they could change. I also have the privilege of watching many of these courageous individuals bust through, succeeding at serious changes, and expanding their lives beyond what they believed possible.

These are the stories we all need to hear. Real stories of real people #bringingbacktheimportant

Some of the #bringingbacktheimportant changes are big. Some small. What really matters is these stories can show you with absolute clarity, that you are not alone. That there is hope and excitement that absolutely any change is possible.

Let’s celebrate their successes together and I look forward to celebrating yours too.



Who is in your family?

My husband Brian, and 4 daughters Poppy, Lyla, Bella + Ruby



What have been some of the challenges you have recently been facing?

Being able to stay focused on being healthy



What was your defining ‘I can’t do it like this anymore’ moment which made you take the step to #bringingbacktheimportant?

Actually stepping on the scales for the first time in years


Have you ever tried something in the past to face that challenge, that didn’t work out?

I’ve tried a lot of different diets and exercise programs



What were you most fearful of in taking the leap to make a change in #bringingbacktheimportant?

Self doubt + self sabotage



What is the biggest upside to your most recent change/s?

Not being hard on myself



What is the biggest downside to your most recent change/s?

Trying to change those around us



What now excites you about the future that didn’t before?

I now have the tools to succeed and am feeling very positive


What now scares you about the future that didn’t before?

What will I do when I reach my goal?



What is easier than before your change?

My food choices


What was your biggest AHA moment or mindshift that has helped in your change?

When food became my fuel



Have you noticed any differences in your connection/experiences with those around you?

Yes, I am more calm in some situations. Especially with my husband!


Do you have any words/ quotes/ philosophies that you choose to live by?

Believe in yourself, you’re worth it


What is your next #bringingbacktheimportantchange that you would like to prioritise?

Helping others



Any advice for those pondering a #bringingbacktheimportant change?

With the tools I now have, I am more confident that I can be a healthy version of myself. Knowing it is not going to happen overnight and it’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up.


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